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Family owned 3PL service provider

Established in 1979 Ridge Logistics is a family owned 3PL service provider in Perth, Western Australia. Owned and operated by brothers David & John Thackray. Our guiding principle is to strive for excellence while conducting our business in a respectful and considerate manner.

Developing long term relationships with like minded partners is crucial to our success, with emphasis on consistently delivering a superior storage and distribution service that our customers can trust. 

Who are our 3PL customers?

The majority of our customers are Australian or multi-national companies who have their own warehouses in one or more of the eastern states. Understanding our potential customers requirements in detail and establishing a realistic capacity to deliver ensures we consistently achieve our service objectives.

Supplying a wide range of products to various industries and facilities including Bunnings Warehouse, our customers know they can count on us to be an integral part of their business, not just another service provider.

We operate with the mentality that we are our customers own West Australian warehouse and as such we take care of all the things you would if you were running your own warehouse and we proudly do with the efficiency, flexibility and enthusiasm that only comes from an owner/operated hands-on approach.




Perth 3PL warehouse storage – block stack, pallet racks, shelves or bins.

Goods are all safely stored inside our 4,000 sqm modern, clean & secure warehouse which has an ESFR fire sprinkler system, CCTV and 24/7 back to base monitored alarm. The building has concrete slab walls to 1.8m as well as perimeter fencing.

pallet rack storage
goods in shelving
pallets in block stacks

Goods inward and stock put away – shipping containers, pallets, cartons.

Full pallets straight into pallet racks or bulk storage. Slip sheet removal onto pallets where appropriate. Loose cartons packed onto pallets & stretch wrapped when required or placed into shelving.

destuffing containers

Customer order logistics – pallets, cartons, repack, pick and pack.

We use our Warehouse Management System for total inventory control. Products can be tracked by location, serial number, batch and date lots, and different cycling methods are catered for including FIFO and LIFO.

The system has full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability. EDI is our most efficient and therefore preferred method of order entry, however, we will work with you to determine a system that best suits our joint resources and requirements. We can also enter orders manually from emailed documents.

Warehouse Management System WMS

Distribution and transport

We prepare goods ready for transport including all consignment notes using the IFS Smartfreight system. Multiple pallet orders delivered to metro customers on our own taut liners. Other consignments prepared for daily pick up by multiple carriers including Bunnings core carriers.

3PL freight pick up




New WA 3PL customers

By obtaining historical movement figures, along with weights & dimensions, we determine the most cost effective warehouse storage method and location for each SKU.

Working closely with a new 3PL customer we carefully plan the initial stock intake and transition from any previous arrangements to achieve minimal if not zero disruption in deliveries to their customers.

New Customer

Goods into warehouse

By obtaining advance notice of incoming containers/pallets we prepare for any new items & schedule workloads. Goods are checked off, put away and the customer promptly advised of receipt.

Shipping container

Customer orders

Our customers invoice the orders on their computer system. The orders are emailed to us in an electronic file along with the customer invoices or delivery dockets. We can also manually input customer orders from emailed paperwork but prefer electronic interchange for better efficiency and accuracy.

We release the orders for picking and print the customer invoices or delivery dockets for inclusion with the goods. Once picked the order is confirmed on the Ridge Logistics system which triggers the carton/pallet labels.

Prior to freight pick up the carrier manifest is activated which generates the consignment notes. Freight tracking details become visible on our RLXWEB customer portal which sales reps find very helpful as well as WA stock on hand figures. Consignment details can also be sent electronically to our customer if desired.

pick and pack order


Each of our customers nominated freight methods are entered into a matrix on our computer system, which interfaces with IFS Smartfreight, such that the required carrier and service type is guaranteed. If desired we email the receiver with freight tracking details.

We have a small fleet of vehicles to handle some bulk metro deliveries. Specialist carriers are utilised for smaller deliveries or Bunnings orders requiring one of the “core carriers” to deliver the freight. For pricing leverage our customers invariably wish to use the same freight company that they use in other states.

Bunnings core carrier




3PL Service reviews

There is only one true performance indicator for any 3PL service provider – ask a customer. 

Sitro Group

Why choose Ridge Logistics?

We strive to deliver an excellent service but why not contact some of our customers to see how they rate us on the following broad performance indicators:-

Stock – Carefully look after customers stock as if it were our own. Rotate, dont damage, minimal if any variances at stock takes. Maintain and provide when requested an accurate audit trail for all movements.

Accuracy – Carefully check for quantity of and damage to incoming stock. Accuracy of order picking such that end customer delivery queries are a rarity.

Timelines – Meet agreed timelines with each customer for both incoming and outgoing movements. Flexibility to accommodate any special time or service requests.

Billing – Accurate invoicing for services in accordance with quoted prices. Provide supporting documentation for ease of checking. Provide various standard reports such as movement history as well as custom reports as requested.

Customer input – Endeavour to be a low maintenance service provider so our customers can get on with what they do and not spend time checking or worrying about things we should be doing. The key is doing things right and together with good communication developing a respectful and trusting relationship.

Moving warehouse – This is an expensive & potentially disruptive exercise. We make concessions to help minimise the cost & meticulously plan well ahead with the objective of zero interruption to customer deliveries.

Cost – The objective of any customer is naturally to achieve the greatest possible bottom line return from their West Australian business. Our long term success depends on us providing a service at a price that assists each customer to achieve that objective.

Equally as important as price is excellent service such that customers don’t have the additional cost of attending to matters that arise as a result of 3PL under performance, the cost of fixing errors, the cost and flow on cost of missing stock and the most important of all, the cost of end customer dissatisfaction with service that doesn’t meet their expectations.



Contact us to confidentially discuss your 3PL requirements.

Email: admin@ridgelogistics.com.au

Phone: (08) 9416 0944 

David Thackray. General Manager
Contact John Thackray
John Thackray. Operations Manager

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