New WA 3PL customers

By obtaining historical movement figures, along with weights & dimensions, we determine the most cost effective warehouse storage method and location for each SKU.

Working closely with a new 3PL customer we carefully plan the initial stock intake and transition from any previous arrangements to achieve minimal if not zero disruption in deliveries to their customers.

New Customer

Goods into warehouse

By obtaining advance notice of incoming containers/pallets we prepare for any new items & schedule workloads. Goods are checked off, put away and the customer promptly advised of receipt.

Shipping container

Customer orders

Our customers invoice the orders on their computer system. The orders are emailed to us in an electronic file along with the customer invoices or delivery dockets. We can also manually input customer orders from emailed paperwork but prefer electronic interchange for better efficiency and accuracy.

We release the orders for picking and print the customer invoices or delivery dockets for inclusion with the goods. Once picked the order is confirmed on the Ridge Logistics system which triggers the carton/pallet labels.

Prior to freight pick up the carrier manifest is activated which generates the consignment notes. Freight tracking details become visible on our RLXWEB customer portal which sales reps find very helpful as well as WA stock on hand figures. Consignment details can also be sent electronically to our customer if desired.

pick and pack order


Each of our customers nominated freight methods are entered into a matrix on our computer system, which interfaces with IFS Smartfreight, such that the required carrier and service type is guaranteed. If desired we email the receiver with freight tracking details.

We have a small fleet of vehicles to handle some bulk metro deliveries. Specialist carriers are utilised for smaller deliveries or Bunnings orders requiring one of the “core carriers” to deliver the freight. For pricing leverage our customers invariably wish to use the same freight company that they use in other states.

Bunnings core carrier