3PL Service reviews

There is only one true performance indicator for any 3PL service provider – ask a customer. 

Sitro Group

Why choose Ridge Logistics?

We strive to deliver an excellent service but why not contact some of our customers to see how they rate us on the following broad performance indicators:-

Stock – Carefully look after customers stock as if it were our own. Rotate, dont damage, minimal if any variances at stock takes. Maintain and provide when requested an accurate audit trail for all movements.

Accuracy – Carefully check for quantity of and damage to incoming stock. Accuracy of order picking such that end customer delivery queries are a rarity.

Timelines – Meet agreed timelines with each customer for both incoming and outgoing movements. Flexibility to accommodate any special time or service requests.

Billing – Accurate invoicing for services in accordance with quoted prices. Provide supporting documentation for ease of checking. Provide various standard reports such as movement history as well as custom reports as requested.

Customer input – Endeavour to be a low maintenance service provider so our customers can get on with what they do and not spend time checking or worrying about things we should be doing. The key is doing things right and together with good communication developing a respectful and trusting relationship.

Moving warehouse – This is an expensive & potentially disruptive exercise. We make concessions to help minimise the cost & meticulously plan well ahead with the objective of zero interruption to customer deliveries.

Cost – The objective of any customer is naturally to achieve the greatest possible bottom line return from their West Australian business. Our long term success depends on us providing a service at a price that assists each customer to achieve that objective.

Equally as important as price is excellent service such that customers don’t have the additional cost of attending to matters that arise as a result of 3PL under performance, the cost of fixing errors, the cost and flow on cost of missing stock and the most important of all, the cost of end customer dissatisfaction with service that doesn’t meet their expectations.